Prevented death during predator attack

“We are located against the town area and often experience problems with stock theft, but especially with stray dogs. If a sheep’s behaviour is abnormal, as in the case of an attack by such dogs, FarmRanger sends an alarm in real time to my cell phone. I can then see exactly in which herd the […]

Recovered 45 stolen sheep during theft incident

Farming close to the Lesotho border, he confirms that all farmers in the area endure high levels of stock theft on a daily basis which is why he decided to purchase a FarmRanger collar in July last year. Mjoli describes how FarmRanger came to his rescue on Thursday, 23 April 2020. “The alarm on my […]

Reduced the annual total loss of stolen cattle

“Stock theft incidents have increased exponentially with the influx of people to the mines. We lost 86 cattle over a two year period,” she says. The Hiemstra’s then approached FarmRanger for a solution. “Our herds are relatively small as we farm only with stud animals. We currently have eight active FarmRanger collars and use one […]

ALL NEW! We changed the live tracking line on the app

The tracking line (formerly red) is now indicated as a yellow line during a High Activity Alarm. Added to this yellow tracking line, red dots will appear to indicate the frequency of movement. Beyond this, we have added a new Units Map Feature to your navigation panel. This allows you to view the latest recorded position of all […]

Getting the most out of your app features

Understanding the User Interface: When interacting with the app it is important to understand what each app icon means. This way, when viewing your active cards, daily reports and recent history you will understand how best to use the information to your advantage. The basic app screen is shown on the following page. Please note […]

Pioneers in livestock tracking for more than 22 years

Through precision engineering our GPS tracking technology monitors herd movements and behaviours, to alert you when danger is near. Check the status of your stock camps straight from your phone and receive alerts, notifications, and live location updates with Google Maps, should an incident occur. As the original pioneers of this technology, we set out […]

The best investment you’ll ever make

I run an integrated livestock and crop operation on his farm, Libanon, near Viljoenskroon. For 10 years, FarmRanger has warned me every time there has been a problem with my sheep. Using it allows me to be alert and proactive. With just one collar needed for every 450 sheep, FarmRanger enables me to check on […]