Prevented death during predator attack

“We are located against the town area and often experience problems with stock theft, but especially with stray dogs. If a sheep’s behaviour is abnormal, as in the case of an attack by such dogs, FarmRanger sends an alarm in real time to my cell phone. I can then see exactly in which herd the […]

Recovered 45 stolen sheep during theft incident

Farming close to the Lesotho border, he confirms that all farmers in the area endure high levels of stock theft on a daily basis which is why he decided to purchase a FarmRanger collar in July last year. Mjoli describes how FarmRanger came to his rescue on Thursday, 23 April 2020. “The alarm on my […]

Reduced the annual total loss of stolen cattle

“Stock theft incidents have increased exponentially with the influx of people to the mines. We lost 86 cattle over a two year period,” she says. The Hiemstra’s then approached FarmRanger for a solution. “Our herds are relatively small as we farm only with stud animals. We currently have eight active FarmRanger collars and use one […]